Greece Travel Guide


About Greece

Greece is a remarkable destination to explore, constantly astonishing me with its culture, cuisine, and above all, the stunning landscapes. Previously, I had perceived Greece as a hot, arid country, so I was intrigued to uncover its true essence during my repeated visits, the most recent being in 2022.

This fascinating country offers diverse terrains from snow-topped mountains to black sand deserts and volcanoes. With its consistently pleasant climate, striking beaches, captivating culture, and warm hospitality in each village, trekking through Greece proves to be a phenomenal experience.

The nation is an excellent choice for hiking, biking, and various other outdoor adventures. On this page, you’ll discover a series of posts sharing extensive information about it! The local currency in Greece is the Euro (€), and one of the best times to visit is during the spring or fall when the weather is mild, and the tourist crowds are smaller.

7 day vacation itinerary: Islands hopping in greece

We’ve been to Greece a couple of times and have seen several islands. That way we can tell you that Greece can keep you busy exploring forever. It’s impossible to visit all islands in one go, but to help you out we’ve created 4 itineraries of 7 days that cover the most iconic Greece islands. From there it’s up to you which itinerary you choose to do, or to combine any if you have more time to spend in this beautiful country!